6 Useful Tips For RVing With Cats

6 Useful Tips For RVing With Cats

You are a person who loves traveling? You prefer to go on a trip in your RV but don’t want to leave your car behind. If your cat loves traveling like you, luckily, you both don’t have to be separated.

Actually, not all of cats are good candidates for life in a moving home like a RV or a caravan. To solve this issue, you need to train your cat and let it get familiar with your RV. If your kitty is happy with what you trained, being confident in a harness and being accustomed to car rides, it is time for you to take a road trip with your lovely companion. RVing with cats will bring to you many funny experiences, so to make you cat enjoys RV trip as much as you do, check out 6 steps below:

6 useful steps for RVing with cats

STEP 1: Spend time in the RV space

Since normally cats are so suspicious of new environment. Therefore, you need to get your cat familiar in your RV by letting it walk around, play and explore the vehicle little by little before you try to go the first RV trip with it.

When your cat becomes comfortable and feels convenient in your mobile home, you practice making in short drives at first, so your kitty friend can get familiar with the engine sounds and movement.

According to Dr. Alisha Tran from Adventurecats, a veterinarian with many experience years, this trained period will last from a few days to a few weeks up to the cat.

STEP 2: Prepare ID tag and vaccination needed

Since cats can slip out very quickly if you forget to close doors, you need to get a tag for the cat with all your address and phone call just in case it will get lost. To ensure the health of your little friend during a road trip by RV, keep all the medicines needed for it and any paperwork you have with you when traveling. If there is any health issues happened with the car, these paper will help the VET know about the health history of your cat better.

STEP 3: Set up some hiding places for your cat

Cats love playing and sometimes hiding then taking a quiet and private place to sleep. Your beloved can can normally find you bed with an comfortable mattress inside your travel trailer is an ideal place.

However, RVing with cats, you should prepare some hiding places for them. A carrier is a best choice as it fits in any corner of your RV or under the table. Additionally, carriers play a vital role in helping you confine your cat or bring it outside for some reasons. To make hiding places, you put carriers or boxes in safety zones where they can not slip around and endanger your pet. Cutting a hole in one of the RV’s cabinet doors to make more private space for your cat.

STEP 4: Set up for your cat a litter box

Prepare for your little friend a litter box in a quiet corner which should be next to the toilet, make sure it has access to this litter box at all times. To provide more privacy and less litter mess, you can buy a cute special litter box container which have a roof and a small door.

STEP 5: Bring food for cat

Another notices when RVing with cats is feeding your cat with its own food only. Don’t let the cat eat food from new brands you buy at local supermarkets or cat shops because this will cause stomach discomfort and grow anxiety in your cat which is already dealing with new environments and the moving stress.

STEP 6: Keep the RV door and window closed

Your cat will quickly run out and get lost very easily if you forget to close the door and windows of your RV at all times if you don’t have any screens. Thus, using a special cat harness and leash for your cat is the best way when taking it outside. When your cat is familiar with the harness, you can easily take it out for a walk, or you can tie a long leash to the door and allow your cat moving around the RV safe zone.

Check out this funny video about RVing with cats:

Hopefully, this information will be useful for you before making an RVing trip with cats. We hope you have a nice road trip with lots of experience with your cats.

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