How Should A Proper Diet For Cats Be

How Should A Proper Diet For Cats Be

You must make sure that your cat has an adequate diet, since this is important for good health and longevity. And cats, of course, have their own particular dietary needs. Leftover dog food, milk from the fridge or tuna from a can are not a proper diet for cats. Do not forget to make your purchases with the help of discounts.

And how much your cat eats is as important as what he eats.

How Much Food Does Your Cat Need?

How to care for your cat? Perhaps the biggest mistake that cat owners make with their pet’s diet is to overindulge in food. Many veterinarians, in fact, say that obesity is the most prevalent nutritional disease observed in cats. In addition, pet obesity can lead to diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, liver disease and arthritis.

So, what is the proper diet to avoid turning them into obese cats?

That depends on a number of factors; First you must get the recommendation of your veterinarian for your cat. In general, however, a calorie intake of around 25 to 30 calories per pound of body weight per day is sufficient for most cats. With the Amazon discount coupons you can find everything you need to feed your cat at the best price.

Do you keep or dry food?

Dry cat food is very popular among cat owners. After all, it is an easy, hassle-free and clean method. But dry cat food is becoming less and less popular among veterinarians.

The reason has to do with the genetics of cats. Mother Nature has designed cats to be meat eaters. And the meat contains a lot of water. Thus, cats are less inclined to drink large amounts of water, because their proper diet is built around foods that contain a lot of liquid.

Canned cat food, on average, is about 70% water – about the same percentage of water that a mouse meal would provide. And croquettes only contain 10% water. So if you feed your cat mainly from a diet of pellets, it could be the cause of urinary problems due to lack of water.

Find your cat’s dietary needs

Whatever the brand of the food, it must be formulated specifically for cats. Cats have very specific dietary needs and a failure to meet these needs will cause health problems to appear.

In recent years it has become a popular trend among owners of cats to prepare homemade food for their pet. It is made with the best intentions, of course. Owners of well-meaning cats believe that the foods they prepare are healthier and safer.

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But mistakes in a proper diet for cats are often made with the cat’s homemade food that has unintended consequences. The meat in a cat’s diet, for example, must be well balanced with calcium and phosphorus, doubling the minerals a cat would be receiving from eating the bones of its prey in a natural diet. In Fnac offers there are many products dedicated to the cat

Other common mistakes that are observed in the homemade formulation of cat food include:

  • Little meat. It could result in blindness, heart problems – even death.
  • Too much tuna. This can result in vitamin A toxicosis, possibly creating problems such as brittle bones, joint pain and dry skin.
  • Too much raw fish. This can destroy vitamin B1, possibly resulting in muscle weakness or even brain damage.

Unless you are an expert, it is best to leave the food formulation to an expert.

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