How to keep cats off your car

How to keep cats off your car

You may be a dedicated cat lover, or you may not. However, one cannot jump past the fact that having a cat on top of their cars is irritating. No matter which type of cat it is, it tends to be playful and at the end of the day, your car will most likely be left with scratches on the roof or dirty footprints that need to be cleaned. As there is a saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In such cases, you need to know how to keep cats off your car.

Ways to keep cats off your car

Step 1: Use a cat repellent spray or powder

Surely you cannot be watching after your car all the time, so why not let an inexpensive yet efficient spray do the job? Cats won’t be wandering near the spot anytime soon.
You may wonder which of those flashy spray brands to pick, in that case, opt for any that are non toxic and won’t fade out your car paint, such as Bitter Apple. Start by spraying on the ground around the car before going to bed, if it won’t work, try spraying directly on the car hood and see the results.

Step 2: Purchase mothballs

The scent given out by mothballs aren’t gentle, the cat will learn to never come across your car again. All you have to do is spread these balls all over the car, but be aware that the smell may be a little uncomfortable.

Step 3: Use dry natural herbs

Cats aren’t fond of some natural herbs. So why not give that a try? Any of these will work on cats: Lavender, rosemary or rue. Try to find the outsider cat’s favorite spot and sprinkle those on that spot. You may not want to drop the whole bag since it’s just costly and the wind will blow it off as soon as you hit the road.

Step 4: Setup an ultrasonic device to keep cats off your car

The sound given out by these devices is practically inaudible to us, but in the contrary, cats don’t enjoy this. By putting this beside your car, any sudden motion of the cat will trigger the alarm and keep them away.

Step 5: Make use of motion-controlled sprinklers

Sprinklers in your yard isn’t just for growing vegetables and flowers, you can always utilize them to restrain these annoying cats from pestering your car roof. These sprinklers are sensitive to motion so just basically direct it at your car and you’re good to go. In doing so, you should remember to turn it off every time you want to start the engine unless you want to have your shirt wet.

Step 6: Throw away any food sources around your car

When you happen to see a cat sprinting and jumping near the car or the driveway, it’s probably just looking for food. To resolve the issue, keep your eyes out for food scattered around the yard, otherwise just remove the trash can if it appears to be too close to your car. Another solution is to plug up any rat-holes hidden from your sight. You may call a professional for the job.

We all know that there are many problems revolving around your car these days, and you will do anything to avoid having your car kept in maintenance. If keeping cats off winds up being the primary issue, then these steps above will certainly be a sufficient guide to prevent those claws from ever leaving nasty scratches on your car again.

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