What to do if your dog urine smells like ammonia?

What to do if your dog urine smells like ammonia?

Recently you woke up and discovered a stranger smell, yes, a really strong fetor of peroxide. You looked at every corner of your house to find out where the smell starts. At first you might thought this smell started from your radiators or from your appliances, but it did not. The terrible smell is too strong and even gives you some bad headaches and makes you feel sick. Finally, you detected that the smell come from your puppy. Your lovely dog urine smells like ammonia. So, what happened with your lovely dog? Let’s read on this article to understand why your dog urine smells like ammonia.

A dog urine smells like ammonia
A dog urine smells like ammonia

Causes that make your dog urine smells like ammonia

There are many reasons and factors that make your dog urine smells like ammonia. The following reasons below are some common reasons for it:

  1. Your dog eating a lot of food which is rich in proteins

Beef, pork, chicken or fish, etc are a great source of proteins. If you only feed your lovely dog with these foods for a week, you will see the smell of your dog stools and urine so stale like ammonia.

  1. Your dog may suffer from a urinary tract infection

If your dog urine smells like ammonia, your concerns are absolutely right. Not only can recurring infections damage the urinary tract of your dog but its immune system as well.

  1. Your dog doesn’t drink water enough

Not drinking water enough is also a reason that make your puppy urine smells like ammonia.


A dog is punished by its owner
A dog is punished by its owner


  1. Reducing the amount of protein food 

Instead of feeding your dog with lots of food contained proteins, you should encourage it to eat more vegetables like unsweetened cranberry juice or 100 mg of vitamin C crushed into its food. Doing these things will help decrease the PH of its urine and make its bladder reluctant to UTI bacteria.     

  1.  Using antibiotic to treat Urinary Tract Infection

If your dog is suffering from UTI, it is better that it must be treated with a powerful broad spectrum antibiotic like Clidimycin or Clavamox. For a long enough duration, all bacteria is eradicated. But in case the antibiotic is not effective, the bacteria will be stronger, resistant and reinfect your dog. Moreover, the bacteria can turn tolerant of the same antibiotic so in that case, the medication should be varied for best results.                                                           

  1. Letting your dog drink enough water

Make sure that your dog always drinks enough water. This will reduce the stale smell of its urine.

You should keep in mind that most of causes and treatments we have described are not exactly true with the case of your dog. To ensure the health of your dog, you should bring it to the Vet clinic for more specific tests and treatments.

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