Why are dogs so expensive? 4 tips when buying a puppy

Why are dogs so expensive? 4 tips when buying a puppy

In recent days, we received a lot of questions and comments asking about pets, especially about puppies. One of these questions is “ Why are dogs so expensive ?”. To help you find out the answer for this question, let’s read this article below:

Why are dogs so expensive?

There are a lot of factors which decide whether a dog is expensive or not. But the main factor is “demand and supply” – the fundamental rule of market. The more common the breed of a dog is, the more common price options are. In addition, we have other factors as below:


1. The breed you are looking for

Well, to buy a puppy, it may cost you more than $1000. According to Job And Edu, The price of a dog is entirely up to the breed of them. If the dog breed is rare and also few people actually breed it, the price for this breed will be high. Also, it is up to the origins of the dog breed and where do you want to buy them. For example, if you live in the US but you are looking for an Akita Inu ( a dog breed which originated from Japan), the price will totally high. Because, Akita Inu is rare and it’s too hard to find a pure Akita Inu in the US so it is easy to understand why an Akita Inu is extremely expensive in the US.

2. Spay/neuter surgery

3. First set of vaccinations, including rabies

It is very important to make sure that the dog you’ve buy already has got first set of vaccinations, including rabies. This will ensure the safety for you and for people who play with the puppy. Normally, the fee for a set of vaccinations is too expensive, so that is the reason why buying a dog is expensive too.

4. Health exam at the shelter and a Vet clinic

If you raise a pet, it is compulsory for you to bring your pet to a Vet Clinic for regular health exams. Of course, the fee for health exam for a pet is not cheap.

5. Microchip

To have a puppy, you have to buy a microchip for it. The microchip is a small electronic chip with a size of a grain of rice. After vaccinating a dog against rabies, the Veterinarian will report the vaccination to the local municipality. The report will consist of the information of the dog (name, age, breed, color, microchip number, etc…) and also the owner’s information (name, address, phone number, etc…) and these information will be saved in the national microchip database. The cost for microchipping is around $25 to $50, depending on your vet.

6. Dog confirmation checking fee

You have to pay a lot for the price of taking your puppy to show to get its confirmation checked and make sure it is from good lines.

4 tips when buying a puppy

Here is some tips for you when buying a puppy
Tip 1: Never buy from online classified advertising
Tip 2: Make sure the breeder’s phone number is listed
Tip 3: Make a phone call to the veterinarian on the records to ensure they know the breeder and all vaccinations have been administered.
Tip 4: Have all relevant information about the breeder and make a contract with him/her.

We hope this article will help you totally answer the question: “Why are dog so expensive?”. If you have any question about raising or training a dog, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below.
Have a nice day.

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