Mucus in dog poop with image: The common causes and Treatments

Mucus in dog poop with image: The common causes and Treatments

Should we worry if we observer mucus in our dog’s poop? The existence of mucus in dog poop might not a cause for alarm, but in some cases, we need to exclude the risk of any underlying condition. In this article, Elrincondelgato will show you more information about mucus in dog poop with image.

Mucus in dog poop with image
Mucus in dog poop with image

Functions of mucus in dog poop

It doesn’t matter if you detect some amount of mucus in your dog’s poop at times. The white, slimy mucus is the substance lining the intestines.Mucus function is keeping the colon wet and lubricated, and can be passed with poop occasionally. But, it may be a dog health problem if you notice that observed regularly mucus in a row for a few days. The presence of mucus is not the reason of panic, but if you see a huge amount of mucus in dog poop, there will be some problems with the health of your dog.


Mucus in dog poop with image

If you notice that your lovely dog is suffering from a huge change in its bowel movement with mucus being passed or blood, this means that it is a warning of an potential dog health issue related to irritation in the intestines as well as stomach. If you observe the white mucus still appears in a few days later, it will be better for you to go see the VET for help. In this case, you should feed your dog with a balanced diet including meat or chicken with cooked rice. This will help the VET to digestive problems easily.

A happy running puppy
A happy running puppy

Reasons for mucus in dog poop

Here below are 10 reasons causing mucus in dog poop:
1. Your dog ate stale or rotten food from dustbin cans
2. Your dog gave some allergic reactions with specific food
3. Intestinal parasites such as hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms or roundworm
4. Infection of bacteria
5. Colitis
6. Your dog has some problem with Diarrhea disease
7. Corona or parve virus
8. Your dog suffers from the inflammation of the rectal opening
9. Constipation
10. Tumors or polyps like rectal polyps

Little Corgi playing on the floor
Little Corgi playing on the floor

Symptoms of mucus in dog poop with image

The mucus appearance is the 1st sign you should notice. It is normal if you observe that the appearance of mucus is grey or white. But, if you witness the following symptoms below, it should be better to seek advice from the Veterinarian.
– Foul-smelling dog poop
– Yellow mucus
– Diarrhea
– Change in bowel movement
– Loss of appetite
– Blood in dog poop

One of a signs of intestinal infection or parasitic infection is the appearance of yellow mucus in the dog poop. This sign is very serious and may kill the dog, therefore the dog need to be treated with medical assistance immediately. Also food allergies and irritable bowel syndrome are the reason that makes yellow mucus appear. In addition, yellow mucus is a warning of serious infections in case of puppies. Your puppies need the help from your VET immediately as their immune system is still developing.

Mucus accompanied with blood is a symptoms of many disorders. It can happen due to attendance of parasites such as heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms or whipworms, etc. The attack of hookworms and whipworms is the main cause for bloody mucus. Gastrointestinal infection and inflammatory bowel disease may cause irritation and also inflammation of the intestines and stomach. Bloody mucus will happen from the factors mentioned above, along with other signs such as gas, diarrhea, bloating, gas, stomach pain, etc. In addition, stomach ulcers or colon cancers, digestive system can also be a reason behind this warning sign, alongside with kidney failure, liver and Addison’s disorder.

2 cute puppies running on the road
2 cute puppies running on the road

Mucus in dog poop: Treatment

The veterinarian will conduct a detailed exam and will recommend medications and a special diet for each case. If your dog are facing parasitic infections, it will be treated by de-worming method. Also, you should feed your dog a balanced diet to improve its overall health. Your dog should be fed cooked and bland food from 3 to 6 times per day. Its diet includes cooked rice mixed with ground chicken. And remember that you do not give your dog over-the-counter medicines for treatment of mucus and diarrhea. You should go see your VET for advice on medications.

The information above is something we want to share about mucus in dog poop. We hope it will be useful for you and goodluck with your dog.

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